Soaked in Consciousness

Your life is soaked in the colours of your consciousness.

Every experience you’ve ever had – including the one you’re having right now – ricochets through the expanses of your perception where it is shaped and moulded to fit snugly into your personal version of reality.

We create our individualised experiences of the world.

The way you think, feel, live; moods, anxieties, limitations; presence, potential, freedom; immersion in life; EVERYTHING – every little quirk and quark that makes up the creature reading these words – it’s all dependent on the size and quality of your consciousness…

Uh. Huh?

Okay. Prolly lost you at the end of the first sentence.
So let’s take a quick detour past the entirety of awareness: your consciousness.

Woo-Woo Window

Consciousness is one of those woo-woo (every)things that’s kinda difficult to define.

It’s like a window.

You look out through the window of consciousness at the world.

If you have a small window then when you look out, you’ll have a small awareness; when you contemplate something, you’ll have a small understanding and as you go about your life, you’ll have a small wakefulness and depth of experience.

You shrink and stain and tint the glass of the window with your elaborate stories about how important your problems are and judgements and anxiety and fear and separation and yuck – all of which cause your experience of life to become dark and blurred and distorted and small.

As the window of your consciousness gets smaller and less clear, you compensate for the lack of real life shining in by believing the stories that you make up about how special you are and how real your closed-in world of limitation behind the window is and other such bleh anti-parables.

But while you play cabin fever make-believe behind your little smudged window and forget what Reality really is – infinite potential and love and perfection and buzz and yum – life continues to gloriously shine on behind your little window.

So here’s the thing: forget polishing and expanding your window of consciousness to let more light in, and instead smash the window, climb out and dive into the warmth of reality to soak in the infinite potential and buzzing bliss that is the true nature of existence.

Woo-woo as that little analogy sounded,
exploding the bounds of your consciousness not only dissolves your problems and stories and muck, but also improves your life in ways better than you could imagine.

Here’s how…

The Beyond Within

Expanding your consciousness is like playing a role in a movie that is set in a dark dungeon and believing that the movie is real life and not knowing that it’s just a movie …only to walk off the set and open the door of the movie studio to a sea of flowers, hot babes and the most delicious fresh air you’ve ever tasted.

The mind is a funny thing.

When your consciousness is limited and includes only your mind, the stories you create and punctuate with a director’s commentary of judgements and what ifs and anxieties and limitations – it all feels real.

But when you expand your consciousness to take in the resonating depth of life beyond the fast-food version that your mind manufactures, you realise the triviality of your stories and mind muck.

Your awareness dilates and you realise how unimportant negativity is and how silly it is to take life too seriously.

Not to say that life becomes trivial or frivolous. The opposite happens.
Your experience of life becomes richer and deeper and more real.

And you still use your mind to uh, think and stuff. But it stops using you. (The whole “I am not the mind” spiel has been rattled on about by many a bare-footed, cave-dwelling yogi, but basically you can be aware of your mind so therefore you cannot be your mind but rather you are the awareness that is aware of the mind. Don’t understand? That’s the point. Read on.)

You live in Reality instead of your watered-down interpretation of it.

When your consciousness expands, your perception of negativity and your yuck drama widens and you see how meaningless and empty it all is. Stress evaporates.

Without the limitations you place on yourself, life opens up and becomes enjoyable. You see people as friends instead of enemies and see challenges instead of impossibilities.

There is clarity in everything that you do and life glows with unlimited possibility and aliveness.

When you expand your consciousness, you melt into reality and flow with life instead of against it.

You realise that you don’t need to do or get anything in order to be you.

Ease instead of struggle.
Vivid clarity instead of smudged blur.

You become more you because you stop editing out your inner wahoo awesomeness and unleash. You love the things you love more. You become more expressive and open and you feel a deep and wide happiness.

Full of ease and openness and yum.
You get more done and you feel better.
You live more.

Expand My Consciousness Eh? *scratches head* …How?

Many lifetimes have been spent sitting cross-legged in caves pondering this question but it’s not as difficult as it seems.

That’s probably why people find it tricky: most methods of expanding your consciousness are simple and don’t involve dark swirling clouds being shooed apart by an old bearded white guy to make way for angels to float down and shake your hand and pose for the T.V. cameras with you like you won the lottery while Elvis sings an electro remix of kumbaya in the background.

There are countless approaches to expanding your consciousness and becoming more aware and in reality. Most of them are similar to one another and basically involve deepening your awareness and melting into reality. Best way I can put it.

So here are a few techniques to try…

Rotation of Awareness

One ‘method’ of expanding your consciousness is by rotating your awareness to watch yourself and your mind from a different perspective in order to realise that:
a) you are not your mind since you’re watching it, you cannot BE it.
b) the perspective that you think you are – the one between your eyes – isn’t who you are but rather, you are every perspective and no perspective simultaneously.

Practically, when a thought comes up, notice it and then become aware of the part of you that is aware of the thought. Another approach is to imagine watching yourself from a different part of the room.

Become Present

Another way to expand your consciousness is to become what Eckhart Tolle (affectionately known as ‘Ecky’) calls ‘Present’. He didn’t come up with the idea but wrote a surprisingly life-changing book about it called “The Power of Now”. Chchcheck it out.

The essence of becoming present is to melt into Right Now. Listen to the sounds in the room and the silences on which the sounds blip into being. Notice the space that surrounds and interpenetrates all objects around you.

Welcome the sensations surrounding everything that you feel in this moment and relish what you are experiencing. Become aware of your breathing. Melt into right now.

Feel the aliveness that pulses through your being. Close your eyes and focus your attention to your hand. You can feel your hand even with your eyes closed. Now allow that sensation of feeling your body from within with your eyes closed to expand to include your entire body, feeling each part ignite like a flamethrower as you pour your awareness into it. The weird thing is that you can feel that same aliveness when you touch other objects or just sense the space around you.

Sedona Method

Another method that I’ve had indescribable success with is known as ‘releasing’ or ‘The Sedona Method’ which involves ‘letting go’ of feelings and negative emotions as they come up. When you’re feeling angsty and like you’re about to erupt, feel the sensation and then ask yourself, “can I let this go?”. There’s a lot more to it than that, including a laugh worthy of the front page of YouTube, but this is getting way too long and google is your friend and I’ll be rapping about it soon so check back.

Melt Into Reality

Consciousness isn’t just some catchy concept that you can read about on some guy’s blog that doesn’t get updated enough and boom, everything clicks into place and you can add ‘ I know what consciousness is’ to the list of things that makes you cool.

Duddn’t work like that ‘cos consciousness isn’t an understanding kinda thing.

It’s the essence of your entire experience of life.

Melt into reality and expand your consciousness and you’ll feel an almost supernatural sense of aliveness.

I know this sentence will sound like the basis for a future insanity plea but I swear to God, I’m looking out my window and it’s almost like I can feel the space between here and the wall on the other side of the street.

And more than anything, there’s space.
You know that no matter what, everything’s gonna be okay.

And if this article wasn’t already borderline thesis, I’d elaborate about how expanding your consciousness brings up a sense of connectedness with life. Unity nahmean?! UNITY. One love.

And there’s freedom from negativity and yuck stories and bleh.
And infinite potential.
And there’s clarity.
And there’s ease.

You get more done and you feel better.
And you live more.

Melt into reality.

Unleash Reality

P.S. Would LOVE a quick stumble if you have a sec :P


  1. Alex, Alex, Alex… I love it when you write. When you write, I listen (’cause that’s what it feels like… like you are just talking, which is what makes it awesome and real).

    So, a few of thoughts on this:

    1. I’m currently reading the Harvard Psychedelic Club, and can’t help noticing how much you sound like Tim Leary’s experimental subjects. I’ll write more about that when I review the book, next month.

    2. Have you been studying Plato’s Allegory of the Cave? Your dark dungeon movie set reminds me of the Cave… with the more “real” reality waiting just outside.

    3. I completely agree that our window of perception, no matter how clean and wide, is still just a window and, by definition, allows us only a partial view of what is really “out there”. The only way to be fully aware of reality/ god/ the universe/ love/ all that good stuff, is to have no window at all… to be ONE with everything in every moment. That begs the question, is it possible to *choose* to get rid of the window?

    4. You mention a few possible methods for working towards the smashing of the window. Do you credit these with your exceptional awareness of reality? I’m not being sarcastic, either. I think, especially for your age, you have an unusually rich understanding of what really matters in life. So either those methods work, or you are one of Tim Leary’s devotees, or you’ve had a boundary experience.

    5. The boundary experience is the *only* method I’ve ever discovered for full immersion into sudden awareness… and it is not by choice. The death of a loved one, or any traumatic/ life-changing experience will usually do the trick.

    Anyway… just a few of my initial thoughts upon reading this beautiful, heartfelt, eloquent treatise (almost as delectable as spoonfuls of Nutella when nobody is watching). :)

    • Lisis, Lisis, Lisis…

      I love it when you comment. Makes my syrup of wahoo do backflips and handstands and things. I think it’s the images of those stilettos and airforce helmet mashed together. so badass :)

      so glad it feels like we’re just talking… specially since you’re willing to sit through a 1500+ word lecture without interrupting not once :P not as feisty and untrainable as you come across :D

      1. Haven’t read or heard of the Harvard Psychadelic Club but saw a crrrrazy documentary on Tim Leary and read a crrrazier book by one of his compadres called “Dancing Naked in the Mind Fields”. Hit me up with a link to the review as soon as it’s done, sounds really interesting.

      2. Haven’t studied any Plato but did go on a mini adventure to a cave with my girlfriend recently. we went waterfall hunting too :)

      3. The way you elaborated on this reminded me of the feeling you get where you think that all the cookies are finished, only to realise that there’s another packet hiding at the back of the cabinet :) didn’t wanna get into oneness. woulda got way too messy and sticky and could pose a definite danger of heads exploding. might rap about it soon but you put it really well.

      when you’re one with everything. you are the window ;)

      4. “credit these with your exceptional awareness of reality?” awwwww shux lee-ceasey boo!!! making my soul smile :D

      thank you so much for the kind words. means a lot.

      to answer your question; yeah, these methods have definitely helped. As have a litany of other non-methods. Mainly just random collisions with the true nature of existence. Sure, these ‘methods’ sometimes isntigate those collisions but more than anything, i think the thing that has helped me most is always trying to grow and move forwards. No matter what, i always do what i feel will make me grow. even when i don’t necessarily feel like it.

      I don’t go to dances to sit on the sidelines scoffing fruitcake. I’m here to take the prom queen home ;)

      And i welcome criticism. My friends have said that’s one of my best qualities. I always look for feedback and never take things personally. I’ve been through so much stuff and changed so much of my ‘personality’ and limitations that i realised how stupid it is to take things too seriously. I realised the malleability of your brain – you can bend it and smooosh it up like playdough. And realising that means that wherever you’re at, you can change. You can improve anything. So any feedback isn’t a reflection on YOU, it’s a reflection on where you’re at. And that’s really subject to change. So yeah, welcome feedback always. That’s prolly the biggest thing.

      More than anything though i don’t think it’s something that you gain as much as it is a taking away of the stuff that stops you from shining. like the window :)

      5. know all about the ‘boundary experience’. my mom broke her back when i was 14 – a day i’d say i grew up. that’s what sparked my improvement at school and all that. make me realise my safe caccoon wasn’t so safe. but, like i said above, you can also create a situation in which the balloon will tend to pop by itself without needing somebody to die or something bleak like that. It doesn’t have to be that way, it’s just one way to go.

      Spoonfulls of nutella. mmmmm. toothsome :)

      keep well leecease boo

    • Alex, your article was immensley fascinating and have been stumbling around trying to understand this concept of conscieouness. I was a deeply devoted catholic who questioned and disagreed with answers that your were given lack of deapth in there explanations of man kind and who we are and such. But anyway, your paper was a very clearly received way conciousness is.

      “I think I get it now”

      My question after this now “slighly more enlingtened awareness awarness of my self” person (me) how do I get windex and now clean my window? Meditation? Yoga? Buddism?….

  2. Mate I dont know what to say, in the best possible way.

    You are definitely unique amongst the blogging community. You are obviously a very intelligent and clued in guy who writes superbly and then interjects brutal slang. This by the way is awesome and I would defiantly share a beer with you.

    My mind, however, now hurts. I am going to have to re-read this post, which is a first as I very rarely do just to make sure I have got my head round it before actually adding a proper feedback comment.

    As above, good to see you writing again though you sexy beast. Keep up the awesomely excellent work my friend.

    • This from a man who just posted 9000+ words! (I plan on reading them, too, just as soon as I can set aside a little block of time.)

      • so cute how you keep tabs on everyone.

        you’re almost one of the guys.

        (just wanna see how much latina fierceness i can instigate sans Rosa to cool things down and side with team latina ;) )

        • Here’s the deal about stirring up a hot-blooded Latina: Timing. I commented on the 12th, you come back on the 16th (after I’ve checked a million times, btw!), and I don’t find out about YOUR comment until the… what… 18th?! Es que tu crees que yo no tengo nada mejor que hacer?

          How the hell are we supposed to have any kind of productive argument with that kind of cooling off period in between?!?!?

          Next time I comment, JUMP ON IT, ’cause you gotta catch me while I’m hot.


    • Jonny you LEGEND!! :D

      warm fuzzy feelings sprouting inside my chest. for a sec i thought it might’a been a hair but alas, was just a lil heart-blush. sigh. almost as good all the same :D

      def game to share a beer but you’re gonna have to buy me my own beer cos i don’t sip – i gulp. first round is on you. got a couple money drinking games we can play.

      speaking of… what’s your travel plans for next year?

      i’m glad your mind is hurt. payback time for all the hurting it’s given you in the past. boomski.

      hope all’s well mate.

  3. Hi Alex! So glad to read this post… I’ve been waiting for it! :)

    You’re remarkable at putting experience into words, and conveying the ineffable within though the limited constructs of language…

    Often when I read your posts I feel like I’m reading “Be Here Now” (the middle brown part) which is one of my favorite books. It was a total experience the first time I read it (many moons ago) and continues to speak to me in different ways each time I revisit it. It speaks to the me beyond the me… that’s what you do, and that’s an awesome talent.

    Often after I read what you write I’m beyond words, just resonating with it. And that, my friend, is just totally “yum”, too.

    Thanks for the incredible post, great reminders, and piercing through the fog and dust and dirty windows and “bleh”… that we often get caught up in.

    Miche :)

    • MiMiMiiiiiche Supremo!!

      your comments are the flavour of the soul tasting itself. yumyumyum, well-seasoned and made with love!! :D

      language is my bitch (listening to some underground ghetto rap so excuse the gangstarrness ;)

      So glad that my writing has that effect on you. As far as starting a cult goes, you’re on the special VIP invite list :P

      really interesting the way you put that. any other books make you feel like that?

      more toothsome compliments. shux. thank you. you are legend :)

      hope all’s well michey

  4. Alex,

    It took me a bit to figure out where you were going with this :) . First off I’m glad to see you writing again. It’s been far too long. As far as presence goes, it’s the most valuable thing I’ve learned from riding waves. I’m so disconnected from all this other bullshit in that moment when I’m on the wave that when I get done, I realized for 3-4 hours I’ve been fully present. A peace and zen has returned to my life and brought the back the balance. While surfing is one of many forms, for me the most fun one, all of the ideas you presented above can really bring people to a level of balance. Glad you were better late than pregnant :)

    • Srini Surf Supremo Sensei Stylin’ Superstar!!

      read your comment right after i posted this article, before anybody else commented, and really started wondering if it made any sense at all. i mean, if srini didn’t get it then what’s the point?!?! …although maybe it’s stupid mind resistance. or maybe it just didn’t make any sense :)

      Completely with you on the zenness of surfing. So glad summer is here. still getting into it but feels really free and… yeah, present, when i’m out there in the water. I’m doing a lot of swimming (pool, not ocean) too and finding it really centering. there’s def something about the sea though…

      hope all’s well srini

  5. Your post melted my mind, Alex. I’m bookmarking this for later. I do understand most of it though – I’m waiting for that one “click” where I achieve perfect understanding of the concepts.

    I love your style, though. You stand out so much in a niche where lots of people appear to be the same.

    • Always happy to melt a mind or two. melt some minds here, cause some chaos there. All in a day’s work really :)

      ah. the good ‘ol “click” :) yeah. i remember waiting for that moment. it never really came. well. kinda. wasn’t so much a ‘click’ as a ‘screetchkaboom kawabunga!!” …but as i superfluously put it above, don’t make an event out of it and don’t paste post-it preconceptions all over it because that’s just like taking a long run up dive off the cliff with a long rope tied to your ankle. just jerks you back in the opposite direction to where you’re already flowing. or summen like that :D

      thanks for the kind words man. one of the greatist compliments i could recieve. thank you.

      keep well and in touch.


        Alright, this wasn’t really all that complicated. I caught the part with Ecky and I was just like, “YEAHHHH I KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT NOW”. As a super student of Ecky myself, I now comprehend presence. And by understand I mean by using my unconscious instead of using my mind which is just really my ego. The ego just wants to impose labels, which makes our window of consciousness really smudged and tiny. But if we’re just present? Sunlight just shines through our windows and reaches us and we just take it and AMPLIFY it, like convert that into a ridiculous amount of glorious energy and radiate it to everything around us.

        Yeah, I just typed that. Thing is, I TALK like that. And I know you’ll understand.

        Cheers, man!

        • Ecky would say that presence cannot be comprehended. But he’s a german midget gnome and i met a chick once (dark and stormy night) who claimed to have smoked a joint with him so his guru license is suspended pending further investigation :P

          Really inspiring to see you unleash from robot speak and be real.

          Here’s to lording the ‘net and changing the world :)

          keep well mate. and in touch. you got my email.

  6. I love how you write – it’s a reflection of exactly how you speak, I’m sure (and that’s commendable).

    After having digested a few hours of Eckie cleaning up my condo today and feeling the life in dishsoap, I can totally resonate with this post and your words.

    I am thinking about putting on a “become superhuman” seminar in 2010, would be cool to have you be one of the attendees or speakers.

    Time to go chew on the remnants of your words and state out my balcony – yum!

    • Markus Supremo!

      supercool to see you ’round these parts.

      thanks so much for the kind words :) though i speak with a lot more motion than the arrangement of backlit gliphs upon the cold glass panel that you’re reading this off can possibly communicate. And that’s not counting some of the craziest facial expressions you’ll ever see :P or so i’m told :)

      Eckie is legend. funny how the voice of that lil german gnome can make even cleaning a condo feel magic.

      would love to speak at your seminar. def. just drop me some details. email is on my contact page.

      keep well mate.

      p.s. are you RSD?

  7. I love your explanation of the sedona method. Just wrote it on an index card. Sometimes another way just hits me on the head and makes sense. I agree with Lisis, what you write for your age is amazing. Keep it up, we love it!

    • Tessy bold life boodashki, how you been?

      glad it was deemed index-card-worthy ;)

      def with you when you say “another way just hits me on the head and makes sense” but not easy to instigate the unexpected :) well, you can create conditions condusive to accidental collisions with the true nature of existence, but that’s a whole ‘nutha article. hmmm :P

      i’m more than just my age, i’m a real boy! ;)

      keep all’s well tessy

  8. Alex, My little Babooshka!

    So nice to see you show up in my inbox.

    You are a deep pool of ever-expanding wisdom. This was a fun post to read, as I never really knew which direction you were going to head next. My compassing was spinning around faster than The Wheel of Fortune.

    I meditate pretty regularly. It calms me and allows me to expand my awareness. Yes, it starts with the breathing and goes from there. Every once in a while I’ll catch my internal word track merrily skipping down some ugly, negative path. I’ve learned to physically raise and push my hand outward while pushing the thoughts out of my head. It really does work.

    And for a great book on how everything is connected (unity), David Hawkin’s Power-vs-Force is life changing!



    • George, you lil bazookshka! kilt notwithstanding :)

      your inbox is cosy. there’s enough viagra in the spam room to keep any twenty year old coming back over and over :P

      cool thing ’bout the wheel of fortune is that you can’t lose… so thanks for the comparison. and the kind words. shux. :D

      Really interesting to hear that you meditate. What’s sort of process / setup / cult-like-ceremony do you use? What’s your experience been like?

      My experience with meditation has been similar. And yeah, the good ‘ol train of thought does get derailed sometimes but that’s the fun of it. You can watch it crash into things from a perspective other than the conductor. Makes it funny. It’s not funny when you fall. But it’s kinda funny to watch other people fall :) (as long as they’re okay in the end – gotta be PC in case i become president and somebody uses this against me won day ;) ) …meditation is where i first experienced – as opposed to just read about – the whole notion of not being your mind. You watch your mind wonder and it’s less serious. And you just let go of the thoughts and go back to bliss before the next thought tip-toes in; only this time you’re a lil more silent so maybe you catch it creeping in the shadows.

      Really really enjoyed Power vs. Force. It’s lying on my bookshelf waiting to have notes typed out from it. Good mate of mine gave it to me. Was a lil skeptical about the testing technique at first but loved the message. Found that reading calmed me down and lit a couple comets of inspiration. Really inspiring stuff. Saw you mention it in my last post, just haven’t had time to really take time and write a meaningful reply. Rather make you wait than copy and paste some generic “thanks for stopping by” bullshit.

      Glad to be back.

      hope all’s well

      • Oh, Alex. Truly the one place on the internet where the author comments replies are as meaningful as the post.

        I keep the meditation simple, my friend. I’ve tried the focusing on a candle flame thing, and even burning a little incense (which has generated some “Pothead!” glances from my neighbors, hehe.) but nothing works quite as well as sitting quietly in the ol’ easy chair, closing my eyes and focusing on the breathing for a minute or two. I repeat the sound of God (Ah)as I affirm what I want to manifest. I try to let my internal visuals wander where they may. My sessions are typically twenty minutes and if I’m fortunate, I get to do this at least once a day.

        I forgot I had already recommended PVF. I guess I’m a prosletizing chatterbox when I find something I like. I’m a bit skeptical about the technique as well, but I love the whole science aspect of it. Really speaks to me dontcha know.

        Best holidays to you and yours, Alex. Looking forward to 2010.


        • haha got a really funny story from boarding school about incense but the look on the housemaster’s face when he’d realised we’d booby-trapped the TV room with firecrackers cannot possibly be reduced to a couple of black letters huddled together on a screen :)

          Yeah the testing technique is def a lil sceptic. Maybe not even that in as much as he spent 1 page vaguely describing a testing technique that forms the basis for the book but i’ve had ample experience with some of the stuff he talks about. EFT (search “Gary Craig”) is working amazing. Been experimenting with it for a couple of months. My mate who recommended PVF swears by it. And he’s retired. And he’s 25 years old. One of the most successful and together guys i know. Credits it all to EFT so check it out. Very similar to the technique in PVF and based on the same research findings (a lot of the peeps quoted in PVF were instrumental in the development of EFT). Lemme know how it goes. The free manual on Gary Craig’s site plus a lil youtube hustling is all you need to give it a whurl.

          Happy holidays man. May they jingle and jangle like the bosoms of a hundred sexy christmas elves.

        • Alex, you are a Cherry Slurpee on a hot day.

          I just recently discovered EFT and I’m practicing a bit. I got the manual from Gary’s site and I’m putting it to work. Right now I’ve got a stubborn case of tinnitus that needs to go away!



        • I’d rather be a Cherry Slurpee on a hot girl but it’s summer so i’ll compromise :)

          EFT is magic. I use it in conjunction with Sedona Method. Busy writing something about Sedona and maybe EFT soon too.

          Never used either for physical conditions other than resistance and tension.

          Hope it kickt the tinnitus’ ass :)

          happy new years btw.

          Gonna be an unforgettable year. Gonna lick 2010′s face and make it send me text messages such as, “You are the king. I am swollen and ashamed.” Or something like that :)

          Keep it reals

  9. What do people want? ultimately? They want Happiness. Not as a role, or as a destination.No.I’m talking about Unconditional,pure,core-happiness. The kind of happiness that requires nothing and yet, is everything…
    And since happiness is our default state.Since it we don’t need anything to be happy.I wonder why we make things so difficult for ourselves.?Why we edit our reality until it’s dull and fruitless.Why we actually think that protecting, or defending “THE LITTLE ME”,the egoically formed identity… is NECESSARY??? WE ARE ONE WITH LIFE.Once you connect to life and realise that it is happening THROUGH you NOT seperate of you… You allow infinite possibillities into your life.True happiness comes from having a deep connectedness to life IN SPITE of your-self. Happiness is the deepest expression of our aliveness. It is not something that you get, or ‘work towards’… It is here and now,always… it just depends on how awake to it you are.

    Awesome stuff as usual Alex.

    can’t wait for the next one!


    • man…

      what you said just ignited a couple of electrochemical sparkles and sent my brain train into full combustion engine mode…

      and maybe it’s the mood i’m in, or maybe it’s some other such trivial thing as the lighting or how vata-ed out i’m feeling, but not so sure if i can agree that people ultimately want happiness.

      do they?

      i mean… do people really want happiness? really?

      and i’m def with you about it being our default state but the question is really why people move out of it – and then possibly, like you say, want it back.

      all seems kinda stupid of a game to me.

      then again, us humans are funny creatures.

      …and it’s not that we think that protecting the lil me is necessary. it’s that the little me thinks protecting itself is necessary.

      the real mindgasm is whether the part of you that is telling yourself that the ‘little me’ isn’t real might actually just be the little me tricking you into thinking instead of being.

      rum tum tum :)

      …new years :D :P :D

  10. really great style of writing, Alex ! I gotta go check out The Sedona Method !

    • thanks rockonova like j-hova dee starr!!

      awwwsome to see you back and getting stuck in. hope you eat messy, eat lots, and eat often :)

      sedona method is the golden diamond. gonna be writing about it soon, as i said, but def look into it.

      keep well and in touch mate

  11. Alex. Thanks so much for sharing this. Mad props for being true to who you are. So many people think this stuff is ‘woo-woo’ to use your phrase. It’s not concrete…it’s out there. You know, I tend to disagree with those. It’s not out there. What you’re writing about gets to the point. So many people write about lifestyle design as the magic pill, but something needs to happen before that. If you’re not happy with where you are at then the first step is to look within. To realize that everything is perfect the way it is. To open yourself up to the possibility of living and experiencing each moment as it unfolds in front of you. This is the essence of mindfulness practice and getting in touch with what’s real. Good stuff bro!

    • NateStar3000!!

      Reading your comment felt like eating a watermelon with your hands in the sun – all the juice going everywhere and making a mess but feeling like you’re invincible.

      I def agree with you but i still think it’s a lil woo-woo. It’s not “out there” but it does require a lil remixing of precepts to allow yourself to become aware of it.

      Bluddy salient point that there are crowds of people talking about lifestyle design like it’s gonna “fix” them when in actual fact, lifestyle design is just the icing. This stuff – expanding your consciousness and LIVING LIFE – is the whole cake.


      Thanks so much for the comment mate. Really appreciate it.

      Loving the way your site is looking btw. Mad props.

      Keep well. and in touch.

  12. Jen

    Great stuff Alex. I love the way you’re kinda quiet for a while (altho we miss you when you’re gone) and suddenly BOOM! a massive blast of totally unique ~ Alex shaped inspiration appears on your blog! :) Definitely one of the most unique and inspiring blogs that I read.
    Loved the window of consciousness analogy. :)

    • Jenny booooo!! I missed yooooooou (have to say it like you’re a 5 year old leprechaun covered in peanut butter :)

      Love your comments. They’re like tasty candyfloss flavoured ego-sweets :) dipped in love. and chocolate.

      Warm fuzzy feelings :)

      Hope all’s well Jen!!

  13. Hi Alex.

    There is only one Alex folks.

    I hear what you are saying here. Melting into the current period of time sure can make us much more skilled at what we are doing. If we are editing a picture in PhotoShop, melting into that process gets us into that picture-editing mode, instead of having us remain in useless multi-tasking mode that produces some minimal results.

    Nice point there about “Can I let this go?”. We can toss of thoughts that are energy-sucking pretty quickly with a question like that. We sure can let it go, in most cases.

    • Hi Armen.

      There is only one Armen folks.


      Funny you use Photoshop as an analogy; busy whipping summen up in PS right now.

      …and yeah, i think it’s really a matter of letting go of other mental distractions and thought spam so you can focus on one thing. Plus it feels good when you’re present which gives you an overall more positive outlook which will come through in your work. you always do better work when you’re in a good mood than a bad one. Melt into now and negativity evaporates. Galactic-level awesomeness ensues.

      Sedona method is awesome. Will be writing about it soon but def try it in practicality. I mean, don’t just leave a comment here cos you think i’ll dig it, i mean when negativity tries to pounce on your ass, actually ask the question and see if you can let it go and how it works. Would be keen to hear the results.

      Thanks for dropping by mate. Always cool to hear from you :)

      keep well. and in touch.

  14. Glad to have found your blog, Alex. Nice overview of everything. Having found the Sedona Method myself recently, it seems to be hands-down the most effective and simplest of all the ways a person could find Happiness and Freedom. The interesting thing is that there are several proponents of it and they all seem to get along fine. Helps that they all worked with Lester Levenson to begin with.

    I’ve also recently begun research on the roots of this, finding that this concept of accepting and letting go of life’s turmoils to be known several centuries back. There’s even a hint of it in the Polynesian Huna, which dates back some 30,000 years.

    Not surprising that it’s so simple to apply. Basic laws must be at work.

    Keep up your great posts!

    • Hey Robert!!

      Glad to have you as a reader :) specially if you’re into Sedona Method. It’s like a secret society with Hale’s laugh is the secret password :P

      So cool that you’ve had similar experience with it. It’s def the most practical method i’ve found. Really solid point about there being many proponents who all get along fine. Think it’s really telling of the effectiveness of the method and the ethos surrounding its basis. We heart Lester :)

      I’m really interested to see some of that research. Drop me a link if you write a post or find some more history on it…

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a value-adding comment. really appreciate it.

      keep well mate. and in touch.

  15. yeah good stuff.not working on new years gonna be A Maze Ing
    Got a call-bACK FOR Romeo in Romeo and Juliet man… I am becoming a superstar of note, like yourself… haha PEACE

    • New Years gonna be explosions of wow in the forest and skinny dipping with hippy girls and the moon :)

      Odette is coming. super excited ;)

      It’s mad inspiring that your acting is going so well. You’re truly talented; it’s just a matter of making it happen. As you said, it’s the way YOU approach the auditions more than it is looks or any of that. Well done man. Really.

      haha PEACE

      oh. btw. got an AWESOME present from rishan – he got jeffy to write me an autograph / poem of absurdity :)

  16. Damn Alex, your writing is truly psychedelic.

    I take a different approach to negativity, but I am all over your metaphor of the window for consciousness! Thank you for sharing this upbeat poetry with us, and I really look forward to reading more of your articles!

    • Hey Melissa :)

      i’ll take “psychedelic” as a compliment anytime :) one of the quotes on the back of one of my favourite books (Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins): “He writes with a pen dipped in acid” :P

      What’s your approach to negativity? I’m always excited to hear how other people kick negativity’s ass :)

      Really glad to have you as a reader.

      chchchecking out your site now.

      keep well melissa. and in touch :)

  17. JC

    Alex, bout time you put something together as I’ve been waiting for a while now ;)

    I really liked this part:
    You realise that you don’t need to do or get anything in order to be you.

    Something I’ve realized over and over and over again is that we already have everything we need. I like the saying: “All I need is within me NOW.”

    It’s so pure and simple but oh so true.

    • JC you champ!!

      You are much akin to the hulk if he went through a bulking phase and learnt to be a badass so i wouldn’t want you to wait too long.

      Really like the way you put that. Makes it REAL and IMMEDIATE instead of some lofty idea. “All I need is within me NOW.” Really really like that. Would be a great Tshirt. Cha-ching! :P

      Hope all’s well mate.

      and happy new years :)

  18. WoW wow WOW

    Alley Dawg! another sensational grey matter melting masterpiece dude. You are definitely wot they call a wordsmith buddy. You have this incredible way of mixing adjectives with juxtaposed ideas and concepts that blend magically into vivid imagery – pure brain candy.

    Im still trying to absorb and unpack all the condensed wisdom and wizardary above, there is definitely a re-read in order!

    Love your work
    Blogstar in development ;)

    • Just you apache legend!!

      Was cool to jam the other night.

      Hope you’re dominating it up proper.

      When you left I realised that I was a lil rough and harsh. You really have come far since I’ve known you but more than that, you’re far more mature and have way more courage and maturity than most guys i’ve ever met. Girls are just fuzzy creatures of love. Soon they’ll realise how stupid they are to not run up to you and nuzzle your cheek. Serious.

      Feel free to drop in any time. We must party it up before varsity goes back too.

      Keep well mate

  19. Hey dude! Man… like the other comments have said – this is some great writing. It’s a very hard thing to describe consciousness, but you’ve put across ideas in a very easy to understand manner. Awesome!

    • Albert!!

      Always supercool to see you ’round here.

      Your site is what Buddhism would be if it went out partying more and got fed to a computer :)

      That’s why it often takes me a while to get posts done. On the one hand I really don’t wanna put up something yuck. But on the other, I’m always having to challenge my beliefs and view of reality and, as I’m sure you know, converting a thought or a belief or something you understand into an article often brings up some interesting, and sometimes unanswerable, questions.

      happy new years mate.

      p.s. Keen to hit you with a guest post but i’ll keep in touch.

  20. Alex! First, thank you for stopping by my blog recently and commenting. I’m giving myself a well-deserved vacation for the rest of the decade so my visit to your site is a bit delayed.

    Second, somehow, I knew I was going to like you and your blog. You are a gifted writer — I savored every word of your prose. It’s full-bodied, full of heart, flavorful and lots of other good stuff.

    Third, I really like your consciousness/window analogy. I use lens as my analogy for consciousness, which is a similar dialect to your language but, being near-sighted, I never dreamed of smashing it :-) I hesitate to smash my lens which brings me to my fourth point…

    Fourth, a question. I have certainly had many moments of intense awareness/consciousness and I’d love to be able to sustain my capacity for it, but I’ve found it difficult to do, especially when fatigue sets in. I wonder, do you think it’s possible to keep that window smashed? Or is there a backup window that automatically shields us when the weather brings us rain/sleet/snow/hail?

    Thanks for a tremendous article.

    • Belinda you warm creature of love!!

      you don’t need to thank me for visiting your site. I only take time to comment when I see something remarkable and deserving of some shine.

      Thanks for so many kind words. Making my ego blush :)

      Smashing the lens is fun. Besides, fumbling around without being able to see where you’re going is metaphorically how most people live their lives and literally not such a bad exercise every now and then :)

      Your question is a really good won. So many different ways to approach an answer. My impulse right now – and my answer and view may be different some other time – is that trying to keep the window smashed is just the window distracting you from life. The question itself and the extra “backup windows” and the weather and all this stuff is just more windows in disguise. To me, smashing the window includes smashing your concept of a window and allowing your consciousness to be without any labels or concepts. Living and realising that the window is only a tiny part of who you are in the infinity of your syrupy being. when you completely accept that who you are is both behind and in front of the window and includes the window itself – when you realise the infinity of your consciousness and your essence, you no longer need to keep the window smashed and the weather becomes a playful game on the surface of your infinite being.

      Hope that made some sense :)

      keep well belinda. and in touch!!

      thanks for stopping by

      • That’s it, right there. Expanding awareness until you realize the window, everything in front of it, everything beyond, it’s all you.

        Hi, Alex.
        I just discovered your blog while searching for tips on expanding awareness. Had several tabs open to check. Deepak Chopra was my first read/listen but it was old news and vague. Meditate.Transcend reality. Be the witness. In contrast, your post is real, deep, and experiential. I related to everything you shared and wanted to see the discussions about it so I read the comments. Glad I did.

        Belinda asked a great question and your reply was the pearl of the post. The ultimate is the experiential realization that nothing we perceive is outside of us or other than us. That … is priceless.

        I enjoyed your writing style as much as your wisdom. I tend to be a bit to serious myself. Perhaps a little Alex-immersion will help me loosen up a bit and be more playful. :)

        Wishing you Peace and Play!


  21. Hey Alex, really enjoyed this post! Keep adding great content like this.

    • OSCAR!!

      really touching that you pretend to have read my articles.

      but still cool to see you drop in.

      hope all’s well mate.

      happy new years :)

  22. this is not the first time i hear of the sedona method, it might be worth trying, thanks for the post:)

    • No problem mate.

      they send a free dvd if i’m not mistaken. or peruse youtube. or, gasp, some more hustler-inclined routes :P

      just seeing Hale Dwoskin – just seeing how free and at peace the guy is – made me want to get into it. And once i had, i realised how easy and magic it is. Some of the basic stuff is a bit slow so i recommend checking out the basic course or even just the introductory dvd and then going straight to the inner circle stuff.


  23. Hey
    Found you through Lisis’s site and your writing is brilliant !! It’s complex yet easy, expressive yet simple , powerful and peaceful. Never seen anyone do it like this. Its awesome. You got yourself a new reader :-)

  24. dear alex,

    thank my star to have found you/your blog.Its wonderful,all i can say is “PRAY CONTINUE,MAY YOUR TRIBE INCREASE”

  25. A

    Psychedelic Friend :)
    May be u will love this one..Check it out….

  26. Hey man, just read this post. Gotta say, you’re a legend. I’m on my own trip into the unknown infiniteness at the moment. Mind blowing stuff! Keep up the good work. Peace and love x

  27. Allegorical Alex,

    Woo-woo is an ingenious way of using the languages against its own tyranny. The bashing of the window was a brilliant imagery that cracked my mind open. If you ever get a chance do read Plato. You two are kindred spirits. Rxxxx

  28. Eckhart Tolle is Satan manifested in the flesh.

  29. Bro , keep on !! your on the right way , keep goin :D !!

  30. Reading this article and recognizing the comments gives me hope for humanity. I am at peace knowing that I am not alone in my quest for the continual expansion of consciousness. Great article.

    • I agree, thought it’s a little longish of a paragraph, I still enjoyed every bit of it.

      Keep it up!

  31. Great post, really enjoyed reading it.

    I was hoping you might be able to comment on a couple of questions I have. I understand if they are outside of your field of expertise.

    1. What are your thoughts on Einstein’s space-time theory(probably less of a theory and more factual now)?

    2. Where do you think virtual particles go when they pop out of existence?

    3. Do you think any of the above questions relate to consciousness?

    I really am not trying to be a smart ass or anything it is just these questions is about as far as Particle Physicists can take us.

    I think the only way to answer some of the big questions is to combine different fields of expertise.

    FYI I am reasonably uneducated (you may have realised from my lack of writing skills) and from neither of the above fields.



  32. I may be a couple of years late with my post (I couldn’t find what date the original was posted): But as previous stated by myself beautiful written and enjoyable to read.

    ……..But at the end of the day Fluffy Rhetoric designed to capture lost souls in a web of meaningless dribble akin to some kind of cult leaders cloud 9 fantasies.

    69 positive comments but nothing else?

    Apologies if my post sounds mean spirited but it is blatantly designed to instigate some kind of meaningful debate/discussion.


  33. So, I came across this because I have been doing my own research into the Golden Number, Sound, and Consciousness, and I tell you what; my mind is slowly but surely being unleashed. As a matter of fact, I am becoming more aware as I type this that I am typing a comment on and article about awareness. How’s that?

    I read Lisis comments, and went straight to Google to find Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and pretty much understood what she was saying as soon as I got through it. NOICE!!

    So this is pretty much day one of consciousness, of becoming not only more aware of myself, but of my surroundings.

    P.s. I came across this wondering to myself on my back patio looking up at the sky thinking “Since matter cannot exist, and sound is how I visualize my surroundings. Then I cannot not be, I think, but I am not. I am conscious, but I am not matter. Rather “I am” how I’m viewed by the eye from the vibrations and frequencies of this world….I should read about consciousness.”

    And then I read this and Lisis’ thing-a-ma-jig like I said and we are at this point. WOO! :D

    • (I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the ceocrrt place as I was unable to post it from the Dashboard.)The type of physician I would like to work with is a gerontologist. A gerontologist specializes in caring for the elderly. I have a fondness for our older population. They built out society and lived in a time that many of us can learn from. I would take great pride in caring for them as they age. In my opinion, working with a doctor that shares my passion and excitement would be the ideal work environment.The type of physician I would not be as excited to work with would be a proctologist. To be completely honest, I just don’t think I have what it takes to be in that environment. It’s important to be professional in any medical environment. I believe my sense of humor would not allow me to be as professional as I would need to be. I would also prefer not to work with ophthalmologist. Several years ago I spent a week with my grandfather at a specialist to have cataracts removed. I found it very difficult to watch the videos of my grandfather’s up coming procedures. It wasn’t difficult caring for my grandfather after surgery, but I must admit the pre-op was an experience that I would not want to assist in on a daily bases.

    • From Reenie Mahon in Sparta, NJ, USA:Hey Lynn and Saul That was wonderful! Thank you thank you, I detliifeny felt the love and at one point a sensation of a huge encompassing hug- larger than any dimensions in my frame of reference. I was typing in feedback; however, while I could see the other messages coming in- mine did not, and evidently you did not see it coming in another technical point for pursuit. Haha! It was a magical experience again, much gratitude. Also, must add my usually very impatient to go out on his Saturday morning hike rottie- was even calmed and still is I have not experienced this with him before!

  34. Hello Alex and all others. I am new to this site. The way I found it is I was looking up consciousness. I have become so aware of my surroundings and my body, that today it got a bit overwhelming. I was wondering at the beginning of consciousness or wakefulness do you get a bit anxious. It had been kinda cool, but today something happened. PLEASE HELP

    • Hi, Norma.
      The beginning of awakening can feel a bit unnerving because your awareness is expanding. As it does, a lot of gunk that’s been below your awareness comes into view but usually surfaces first as emotion. If you’re willing to look at what is arising, both within yourself and around you, you have the opportunity to transform it. Sometimes just the light of your awareness as you look at something is enough to dissolve it.
      The more you can bring your attention into the present moment the more peaceful and graceful your awakening process will be. Meditate or spend time in nature daily, if you can. You might want to take a look at Eckhart Tolle’s work, especially The Power of Now. Many, including me, have found it quite helpful.

    • Hi Norma,

      You asked for help in capital letters, that may represent someone that really does need help. I don’t mean mental help or anything like that but maybe just a bit of friendly advise.
      When you are sitting alone by yourself contemplating the universe you get a sudden realization about how insignificant we all are. This may be overwhelming for anyone.
      Some people look towards religion, some people look towards drugs, I personally just look towards my family and friends and let them know how much I love them and I’m sure the feeling will be reciprocated.
      At the end of the day most fancy words are used for nothing more than people trying to let everyone know how smart they are.
      Talk to your friends, look inside yourself and read a little bit of science and you may just find what your looking for.

      • that what really tolrbues me is when my partner browsing on the net for dirty internet sites similar to: Thats a thing i can NOT deal with, so if any of you is on the market, which has a good sense of humor, can truthfully discuss their inner thoughts and supply a stable atmosphere, and is NOT addicted to online p0rrn then please prepare me a quick introduction email, a photo would certainly be appreciated as well. I ll swear you, that it will be the best thing what taken place in your existence, as long you are sincere with me. 18b

  35. ~”But while you play cabin fever make-believe behind your little smudged window and forget what Reality really is – infinite potential and love and perfection and buzz and yum – life continues to gloriously shine on behind your little window.”

    For SOME PEOPLE. For people who optimize for that kind of experience of life in their mental habits, and for people who aren’t brain-damaged or schizophrenic or otherwise mentally ill/incapacitated. Bliss and yummy bubble-gummy are just temporary perspectives, but I believe you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you ignore all the really weird shit that goes on, and by weird shit I mean things that are terrifying to be on the receiving end of. Would you like an example? Sure you would, have an example:

    So, a random example, but imagine you’re one of the many unfortunate people strangled by Thuggee cult worshippers on the dusty roads of India over the centuries. When the yellow sash is around your neck, and you’ve just voided your bowels as an autonomic reaction to the terror you’re feeling, and everything’s going dark and you don’t understand…is everything yummy bubble-gummy?

    How about another random example, this one plucked from several family members who’ve died from Alzheimer’s. When your brain fills up with amylase beta proteins and, when you live through that period of time when you know your mind is slipping, know that who you are and your very awareness and your entire life is dissolving before your very eyes, and your stark choices are either to put a revolver to your head and hurry things along, or else sit in for the long haul of having to wear diapers and finally die a vegetable…when that scenario comes calling, is reality yummy bubble-gummy? Is reality bright, shining eternity?

    Lastly, for an even more common example, is life yummy-bubble-gummy if you’re an impoverished person in this country (uhum, where there’s no actual reason for anyone to be impoverished), and your diet consists of mac n’cheese and canned foods bought with food stamps, you get few vegetables, live in a shitty neighborhood, and don’t have the time and energy for self-improvement, exercise, or educating yourself, and doing any of those things is an unbelievable struggle to achieve some upward mobility?

    Maybe a more truthful and inclusive perspective would be: life is occasionally great, memorable, and worthwhile; life is oftentimes also complete shit.

  36. I like what you had to say and the analogies you have for consciousness. I came to this link to try and define what one means by expanding consciousness and I’d have to say your explanation to me seemed more of a how to live stress free and ignore life’s stresses. But I liked what you had to say.

  37. I like the direction the comments here are heading. I don’t think they are heading in a negative direction just a more realistic one.

    This window you talk about seems a little more like a mirror to me.

  38. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you!

  39. Great site and a great blog! Really helps anyone and everyone if they you are trying to expand your consciousness

  40. Dear Alex,

    Reading your words felt as if you’ve put the hardest of words into a beautiful song, making it so very simple to understand.

    My heart can feel the beauty of your soul.

    Sharing is caring, for we’re all connected.

    Stay blessed brother.

  41. yes, but what is your thought on aliens (higher dimenisional beings)

  42. I feel like some expansion & contraction in my head while reading
    this article. All problems faced in this world can be ended if we all
    can raise our level of consciousness. Its because people fall into lower level of consciousness which is the root of all sufferings.

  43. Just awesome, I really needed to read this:P + your’e an excellent writer. Hehe I almost cried and laughed at same time. Brilliant.
    But anyway, the reason why I surf around looking for this kind of stuff, is because I’m currently in some kind of spiritual/existential crisis (I think at least), and have been for some time now. But at this point, I feel like everything is finally starting to sort of come together, and your thoughts and ideas here, fits so amazingly well with my feels. It’s almost like coming home. Thanks Alex!

  44. Hi Alex

    Thank you for this piece of writing (not sure if it’s old or new) but stumbled upon it now when I Googled ‘how to be more aware’. It’s really an awesome piece and right now I feel it could have saved my life. I’m really battling with seeing a bigger picture of life, purpose etc. I tend to be very anxious, worried and fearful – something that is hindering so much happiness in my life, and I desperately needed to read something like this.

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