Edited Censored Diluted Bleh

Most people don’t live in reality.

They live in their own self-created version of reality.
…an edited, diluted interpretation of real life that isn’t actually real.

It’s a really subtle thing.

They seem similar. But they’re completely different.

Dancing Stories

Problems. Thoughts. What ifs. Worries. Wants. Emotions. Feelings. Beliefs.

They come.
And they go.

But they’re not real.

They’re just stories that we create about real life to make ourselves feel special and to make ourselves the star in our story. Not the hero, the star.

And just like commentary, they only exist about what has happened in the past.

Stories that dance in and out of awareness. Each thought another elaborate step that grabs our attention as we get caught in the hypnotic show of it all – believing that it’s real.

But it’s just a show. A story. A dance.
It all looks great and holds our attention damn well, but it’s just a story.

Only existing when we think about them.
Never when we allow ourselves to simply be and live right now,
Only existing in memories and projections.
Existing everywhere but real life, everywhere but right now.

Betcha never had a problem right now unless you were thinking about it.

There are no problems right now.

All problems, thoughts, what ifs, worries, wants, emotions, feelings, beliefs… – all those things are a commentary about the past and what has happened or projections into the future based on the past.

None of it is what is happening right now.

…and it feels real. Sure. It feels very real sometimes. Scarily real even.

But only because we get caught up in the story.
We believe that it is real and that it’s us. But it’s not.

The actual content of reality and the situations we face – real reality without the subtitles and elaborate plots and stories we create about it – real reality is never a problem.

It’s not a problem that you’re a fat useless wimp who rubs peanut butter all over yourself in your trailer while fantasizing about re-runs of Desperate Housewives.

It’s not a problem that you don’t have as much money as you’d like or the lifestyle or car or body or mind or relationship or or or…

That’s not the problem.
The problem is how you feel about it.

And Real Life

So what then?
What does it mean?

None of that is what’s important.

Because it’s not real.
It’s not real life.

…and when you’re reacting to all those stories that dance in your awareness – when you engage the ‘problems’ and thoughts and… – when you engage them, your focus makes them seem real.

But in doing so, in engaging all those stories that dance into your awareness,
You ignore what is deeper than that.

You ignore what is always here and now and perfect and complete and problem-free and bliss-exploding-yum-undiluted-infinite-wow… you ignore real life.

The problems and thoughts and feelings – they all come and go, dancing in and out of awareness.

But real life.
The awareness on which the thoughts and feelings and problems all appear and dance
…it never changes.

It doesn’t need to.
It’s already perfect.

That awareness, the awareness that allows for all experiencing – that is real life.
And it doesn’t need any fixing or changing or effort or anything.

And it’s there.
Right now.
All around you.
Consciousness and awareness itself.
The backdrop on which all experiencing happens.
It’s real life.

Realise that the contents of consciousness are all just experience.
What you are is that which allows for the experience. The experiencer.

That still calm perfect unlimited potential – the experiencer – that’s you; not the stories.

All it takes is being conscious of consciousness itself.
Become aware of the awareness on and in which the stories and thoughts dance.

That awareness never changes.
It’s real life.
Right now.
It’s perfect as it is.
And you are it.

Unleash Reality

Updates from Alex: Yeah, yeah… I know I promised an article ages back but been waaay busy. This article is kinda a mashup of some ideas I’ve had and spoken about in the past that have really rounded out and become clear over the past while… so after my last article, I decided to take a technology vacation – two weeks without any blogging, twitter or hennything. Then boom, outta nowhere, I was back at university and I had a new girlfriend so ample distractions but back in the glorious swing so chchcheck back… big things and fresh goodies happening soon ;)


  1. I really loved this post! Very very good stuff and you make some great points regarding life. This stood out to me…

    “That awareness, the awareness that allows for all experiencing – that is real life. And it doesn’t need any fixing or changing or effort or anything.”

    Couldn’t agree more!

    Thanks for the great post!


    • Hey Dayne!

      Awwwsome to see you rocking it up in these parts :)

      so glad it had an effect.

      keep well mate

  2. Love it mate. This strengthens even more, the articles you wrote in the past. I love the theme of awareness and being real.

    So simple yet so deep.

    “All it takes is being conscious of consciousness itself.”

    You’re absolutely right. Being aware is THE KEY.

    I’d see you write about how being real can help you contributor to our global conciseness. :)

    P.S I applaud your technology fast :)

    • Hey Bud!

      Yeah, that’s pretty much what i was going for.

      This is really just a mashup and final version of some of the ideas i’ve had and been playing with lately, and the things that have come out and up over the last few weeks.

      Some fresh new ideas, kinda stuff you’ve never seen anywhere incl. some goodies on being real is being rolled out as i write this…

      the tech fast was amazing :) haha. i live in a muslim neighbourhood so only felt right doing a lil fasting :)

      super keen for the interview, already made a start :)

      keep well mate

  3. Nice post Alex!! You really hit it on the head here. I am so amazed at how well things in life become…instance and personal/professional gratifications…if you just realize YOU at the moment, and who YOU are. In my full-time job I talk with young people about their own talents and skills, likes and dislikes. Most of them find it difficult to be as real as they can be when thinking about their futures.
    It’s a great opportunity for me, and your post just illuminates the mind here with regard to our own self.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hey Keith!!

      so on point.

      that’s pretty much the feeling i’m trying to describe, it’s like a conscious decision to let the clouds part and see the amazingness that is right now.


      keep well mate

  4. You’re right. What we’re experiencing and reacting to isn’t “real” life… it’s an illusion… a story we’ve bought into. Ideally, we’ll all get to the point where we can see past the veil and into what is real, what exists without context.

    But here’s the cool thing: UNTIL we get to that point, we have another way to experience happiness… change the story. If we’re unhappy because we believe our personal narrative sucks, we should just change our narrative. Make up a better story!

    “I haven’t made all the wrong choices, I’ve learned about a bunch of things I don’t want in my life so I can find the things I do.”

    “I’m not useless and lethargic, I’m serene and introspective.”

    You get the idea. Sure NO story to mask reality is better, but as long as we need a story as a crutch, then by God, let’s make it a GOOD one, shall we? ;)

    • hey leeeecease!!

      cool to rap to you again :)

      been too long methinks.

      yeah, completely agree. seen some really cool quotes and had some really cool convos with friends about how i’m glad i came from low because i appreciate the journey and have a different perspective. makes us stronger yaknow.

      change the narrative :) i like that.

      really like the way you put it. “lesson learned” has always been my take on things that don’t go so well. but you put it really nicely.

      we like good stories :) even if they are just stories :)

      as long as we don’t get caught up in ‘em… they’re like a fun little game that we can play with and enjoy but they’re not real and they’re not you… they’re cool when we see them for what we are but as soon as we start seeing them as problems and real then things get bleh…

      • Yeah… nobody wants bleh. I think I’m gonna get YOU to write my new narrative for me. Maybe you could make up some really cool propaganda story about me, and I’ll just believe it for a while… live as if it’s reality. Wouldn’t that be fun?!


        • yip. funny how nobody wants bleh but they fight so hard to keep it bleh. hmmm.

          i’m in!! …but be warned – my narratives get way crrrazy. like adventures, dragons, beaches, spaceships…

  5. Nice man. Really good article.

    It’s crazy how often, nowadays, I catch myself thinking elaborate stories or defending “mini me’s” in random mini sittuations, that come and go… Luckily I am aware of it now, and although stuff still comes up, It doesn’t faze me much, cause I realise there is nothing to defend. I think, who am I defending? And I realise… No one. Just a mental contruct of me. Nothing more.

    If your stories arn’t real, then neither are you. Hard to swallow right? But if you think about it there is no you. “You” is changing all the time. It is really just an idea in your mind.

    If you can let go of defending the made up “you”,you might actually find that life isn’t really as mean to you as you thought it was ;) I mean, you are free to express yourself without being confined to the limited “you”.

    • Mikey G!!!

      yeah. fully know what you’re ramblazzling about :) haha. too well methinks.

      “there is nothing to defend” – really like that.

      yip. man… your writing is getting solid lately. uncoverlejourneydelux-io :)

      “If your stories arn’t real, then neither are you”… yip. the “you” that you think you are. funny that. they you that you think you are… if you can think about you then it’s not you, cos you’re thinking about you… hmmmmmm. can point to but not away from that which you are… hmmmmm.

      starlight duddn’t know how big a mistake they made :)


      laters braaahda

  6. Great topic Alex. I’m sure you’ve studied NLP where thie concept is known as “the map is not the territory.” Yet it is so difficult to get out of your thoughts…



    • Hey Yavor!

      I’ve chchchecked out some NLP goodies.

      Generally didn’t like much of it – too much overcomplications – but really liked that lil nugget. pretty much the first thing i think of when NLP comes up. so prophetic and simple. and awesome.


      hope everything is going cool eh? :)

      keep well mate

  7. Glad to see you back in action Alex. An awesome post with some really insightful ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have coming.

    • Hey Sriniii!!

      Yeah…good to be back.

      this was just a lil rounding out old ideas and getting back in the mode…

      but yeah, you’ll really digg what’s coming next :)

      keep well mate :)

      p.s. summer soon. spanking surfboards. winter=meh.

  8. Haha :) thanks…

    Turns out I got offered a second chance at Star dust.

    c u soon…


    • haha.

      awwwsome :)

      it really suits you so that’s great. but if it duddn’t work out then it’s cool too. either way, real life = it’s all good :)

      letcha know about tonight.

      game to lord but ample busy.

      keep well brrrrassa

  9. Hey Alex! I was checking every now and then for new articles from you. Awesome post as always. Keep them coming.


    • Hey Oscar!!

      you and like 3 other peeps were prolly only visitors i had last few days :) haha… the joys of SEO need elaboration this side :P

      fresh glory coming soon. really excited.

      you’re gonna digg it hardcore :)

  10. People are funny, we are busy reacting to the illusions of our mind, just what you have stated above. Little did we know that we are unconscious about it.

    Awareness is an important key, one needs to focus on the present moment to extinguish the detrimental dances in our mind.

    You have provided an eye-opening wisdom here. :-)

    • hey Walter!

      man… the more i think about it, the more i’m inkling towards feeling that focusing on the present moment is effort and more not being present. like…

      trying to be present isn’t present. nahmean?

      keep well mate

  11. Hey Alex. I love your blog’s design and layout. To be at present is very important. If you are caught in the past, you will not enjoy the present. If you are caught in the future, you will not enjoy the present. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey Karlil!

      Glad you likes. specially since your site is mad slick too.

      thanks for dropping by.

      keep well and in touch mate

  12. Hi Alex,

    This has its truth (and a valuable one).

    Right now, children are dying of preventable diseases and yes I think this is a problem right now.

    The focus on the stories we tell ourselves (these are real in a sense – otherwise how could they affect us) tends to a focus on the individual and what we can do (which is a lot). However it tends to lose focus on the wider context. Perhaps because we feel more powerless to alter these things (this too may be just a story).

    Join me in finding out if we can bring our world closer to utopia.

    • Hey Evan!

      Yeah, it’s kinda a tough issue and the argument that most people bring up; and sure, you could say that your thinking about improving things- just the thought and the intention – maybe just the thought and intention helps to change it, but even that, oftenw e just think about the problem, not the solution. you know, goot ‘ol phrasing goals in the positive instead of negative – personal development 101 :p

      …and sure, it’s an issue right now. so what are you gonna do about it? stress yourself out and feel sorry for the world or maybe do something and build an identity as the hero who saves the kids… or are you going to do something about it? change it. help out. improve the world. or don’t. that’s your decision. but do whatever you’re doing. be right here, right now. and maybe that’s with kids, helping ‘em improve their lives. but if it’s not, don’t play out stories in your head about it, rather live now and do something to put yourself in a situation where you can help. but worrying or playing movies in your head about it is only going to dilute your experience and make whatever you decide to do less effective.

      …loving the way your site is looking by the way. well done man.

      keep well and in touch mate

  13. Jen

    Heya Alex!
    Great article, so true, been finding myself caught up in lots of mind created drama recently! I know it’s all made up but it can be very seductive, if not very fulfilling!
    Thanks for this post = good wake up call!
    Jen x

    • Hey Jen!!

      happens to everywon ehy. being aware that you’re doing it is most of the troubles…

      the mind-created drama is fun. it’s seductive. it’s madwow. it’s entertaining. sometimes it feel goods even. but it’s not real…

      new post later in week :)

      keep well jen!

  14. Well now, Mr. Alex:

    Thanks for putting this out there. I just did a little series on how meditation is helping me to become aware and to focus on what is real instead of what is on this constant moving picture show in front of me.

    Very nice post.


    • Hey George!!

      cool to rap to you, haven’t chatted in ages!

      game to check out your meditation series, couldn’t find it on your site tho? link? (also good for a lil free PR – gotta hustle yo :P )


      keep well mate

  15. Alex, seems like we’re on the same wavelength. This post reads like an elaboration of your insightful comment on Urban Monk. Hard stuff to put into words… best we can do I think is to throw language in its general direction!

    • Hey Paul!

      yeah. feels good to connect like that.

      and yeah, def hard stuff to put into words. words are limiting something to a concept that describes it. but you can’t limit the limitless. can’t describe the indescribable.

      but i think if, as you say, we throw language in its general direction then some will bounce off in a way that makes us realise there’s nothing to bounce off.

      or summen like that :P

      haha keep well mate

  16. Hey Alex, really enjoyed the use of language and structure, the idea you presented is so overlooked in this tech-driven, busy-all-the-time, I-have-so-much-regrets-and-problems kind of world we live in. I’m with you though, focus on the present, it is the only reality we have the power to “influence”.

    • Hey Ron!

      thanks for such a power comment. makes my soul smile.

      cool to see you drop by.

      keep well mate

  17. Hi Alex, it’s about time :-)

    “That still calm perfect unlimited potential – the experiencer – that’s you; not the stories.”

    I have a reminder that pops up on my computer every few hours that says be the still background and let things and thoughts happen in the foreground where I can watch them. I find that it’s an amazing way to be conscious when I can do it. The problem is that I too often switch back to my default mode.

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing it finally!

  18. Awesome Alex. I enjoy those stream of consciousness type posts.



    • Grand Daddy ‘cos i can’t write any other way. takes me hours to do rigid formal assignments for university. have to dull down the crazy expressions and use big words like “consequently” :D

      hope all’s well mate

  19. Hi Alex,

    You’ve really got some great stuff here. The “dancing stories” metaphor is so true. Your writing style is super fun and descriptive, and through it you bring raw, vital energy to these topics. It leaves an effect on me after reading, and I really like that!!

    Since yesterday, I’ve still been sort of reeling on the last post in my mind: Dances in the Desert and SuperHumans. Way cool.

    Miche :)

    • Miche dearest!!

      you leave the best comments EVAR :)

      so glad it has an effect.

      haha. reeling is always a good thing. most of the time :)

      have a mad cool week

  20. Hi Alex,

    I love this post written in a poetic way. I will try this writting style someday, it would be nice and interesting :) .

    You’re absolutely right when you describes our life as a pile of irreal stories. Life sometimes seems a dream. As time goes by I’m more convinced about what really matters is living every present moment of life. We don’t have to worry about the past, because what it’s done is done, we cannot change that. We have to apply the lessons of the past and learn from our mistakes, but that’s all.

    On the other hand, we have the future. We cannot be thinking every moment in the future, we cannot be daydreaming the entire day, every week, every month, etc. The future is important because we can imagine where we want to arrive, or what we want to achieve, and the ways to do so. But that’s all. We cannot worry about the future because we have no real control over it, because life is unpredictable change.

    So, is there anything else? Yes, we have the present. Living every moment of life and being present is the real key to happiness.

    Beautiful post Alex,

    See you soon.

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